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# The following line is an example of how to compile a program using
# call_mcd and other subroutines from the Mars Climate Database.
# Here the program is named "test_mcd"
# Note that mcd_sci needs "call_mcd.F", and the later needs "heights.F",
# julian.F and"". These files should be copied to the current
# directory.
# You should also edit "test_mcd.F" and change the value of string 'dset'
# to match the path to the MCD datafiles on your system.
# You may have also change paths to the NetCDF library below:
gfortran test_slopes.F call_mcd.F julian.F heights.F -I. -I$NCDFINC -L$NCDFLIB -lnetcdff -o test_mcd
# Before running that on you computer you might have to make the following
# changes to the lines above :
# 1) replace "gfortran" with the name of your favorite compiler (you should
# also add some adequate optimization options)
# 2) replace "/usr/local/netcdf/include" and "/usr/local/netcdf/lib"
# with the paths to your NetCDF library, which can be obtained
# for free on
# (see user manual)
......@@ -35,6 +35,7 @@
real seedout ! current value of random generator seed index
integer ier ! call_mcd status (=0 if all went well)
integer i,j
c$$$! Inputs
c$$$ character(len=100) :: dset="MCD_DATA/" ! path to MCD datasets; unset here
......@@ -56,12 +57,11 @@ c$$$ integer :: ier ! returned status code (==0 if OK)
xdate = ls
zkey = 3
xz = 0.
xz = 100.
hireskey = 1
xlat = -0.87
xlon = -72.57
xlat = -8
xlon = -75
dust = 1
perturkey = 1
......@@ -72,18 +72,41 @@ c$$$ integer :: ier ! returned status code (==0 if OK)
c$$$ do i=0,30
c$$$ xz = i*100
c$$$ do j=-3,3
c$$$ xlon = i*30
c$$$ xlat = j*25
c$$$ write(*,*) i,j,xlon,xlat
call call_mcd(zkey,xz,xlon,xlat,hireskey,
& datekey,xdate,localtime,dset,dust,
& perturkey,seedin,gwlength,extvarkeys,
& pres,ro,temp,u,v,meanvar,extvar,seedout,ier)
write(*,*) 'xlon, xlat'
write(*,*) xlon, xlat
write(*,*) '--------------------------------------------------'
write(*,*) 'theta_s',extvar(79)
write(*,*) 'psy_s',extvar(80)
write(*,*) 'Ftot',extvar(81)
write(*,*) ''
write(*,*) '-------------------------------------------------'
write(*,*) ''
write(*,*) '-------------------------------------------------'
write(*,*) 'xlon, xlat, xz'
write(*,*) xlon, xlat, xz
write(*,*) 'theta_s, psy_s, Ftot'
write(*,*) extvar(79),extvar(80),extvar(81)
write(*,*) '-------------------------------------------------'
write(*,*) 'merwind', v
write(*,*) 'zonwind', u
write(*,*) 'upslope_wind', extvar(82)
write(*,*) 'crossslope_wind', extvar(83)
write(*,*) 'old_merwind', extvar(84)
write(*,*) 'old_zonwind', extvar(85)
write(*,*) 'upslope_wind (Cd)', extvar(86)
write(*,*) 'crossslope_wind (Cd)', extvar(87)
write(*,*) '-------------------------------------------------'
write(*,*) ''
write(*,*) extvar
c$$$ enddo
c$$$ enddo
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