Commit c2e05825 authored by alban's avatar alban

Some code rewriting.

parent fa146e2c
......@@ -3,8 +3,18 @@ extends WindowDialog
var point
var place
export (bool) var displayed
const NAMES = ["neck","jugular","sternum","right clavicle","left clavicle","right breast","left breast","right armpit","left armpit","right inner elbow","left inner elbow","right arm","left arm","stomach","right kidney","left kidney","belly","right hip","left hip"]
const LOCS = [Vector2(351, 63),Vector2(350, 164),Vector2(345, 245),Vector2(224, 209),Vector2(468, 199),Vector2(250, 284),Vector2(449, 286),Vector2(185, 273),Vector2(514, 272),Vector2(133, 417),Vector2(558, 410),Vector2(134, 311),Vector2(556, 305),Vector2(348, 402),Vector2(257, 480),Vector2(439, 477),Vector2(347, 505),Vector2(178, 561),Vector2(514, 559)]
const NAMES = ["neck","jugular","sternum","right clavicle","left clavicle",
"right breast","left breast","right armpit","left armpit",
"right inner elbow","left inner elbow","right arm","left arm",
"stomach","right kidney","left kidney","belly","right hip",
"left hip"]
const LOCS = [Vector2(351, 63),Vector2(350, 164),Vector2(345, 245),
Vector2(224, 209),Vector2(468, 199),Vector2(250, 284),
Vector2(449, 286),Vector2(185, 273),Vector2(514, 272),
Vector2(133, 417),Vector2(558, 410),Vector2(134, 311),
Vector2(556, 305),Vector2(348, 402),Vector2(257, 480),
Vector2(439, 477),Vector2(347, 505),Vector2(178, 561),
Vector2(514, 559)]
var n = len(NAMES)
func _ready():
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