Commit a99937a2 authored by adud's avatar adud

commented the 10 first lines of the editor (the 10 hardest)

parent 9803f05a
.. _WorkSpace:
Inherits from the Container class.
Brief Description
Container used to prompt the speech in a text-editor way.
.. class:: WorkSpace
.. _class_WorkSpace_prop_sep:
A WorkSpace, to display and edit signed speech.
.. attribute:: sep(Vector2)
* Vector2 **sep**
The size of the horizontal and vertical separators between signs.
This attribute is a script variable.
The sizes in pixel of the horizontal and vertical separators between two
.. attribute:: text(signs Array)
The signed speech, stored in one single array (like strings).
.. _class_WorkSpace_prop_text:
.. todo:: Should be accessed through functions.
* Array **text**
.. function:: dispose_childs()
The signs of the speech in a big "string".
Draw all signs in the speech
......@@ -7,5 +7,8 @@
margin_right = 620.0
margin_bottom = 480.0
script = ExtResource( 1 )
__meta__ = {
"_edit_group_": true
SignSymb = ExtResource( 2 )
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