Commit 27a914b1 authored by alban's avatar alban

Commit for `.tscn` files.

The only purpose of this commit is to make a `git pull`.
parent 042295ee
[gd_scene load_steps=2 format=2]
[gd_scene load_steps=3 format=2]
[ext_resource path="res://scene-tree/sign/sign.tscn" type="PackedScene" id=1]
[ext_resource path="res://" type="Script" id=2]
[node name="Main" type="Node"]
[node name="Main" type="Node" index="0"]
[node name="sign" parent="." index="0" instance=ExtResource( 1 )]
[node name="Node" type="Node" parent="." index="1"]
script = ExtResource( 2 )
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
[ext_resource path="res://scene-tree/sign/hand-state/shape/" type="Script" id=1]
[ext_resource path="res://resources/pictures/signs.jpg" type="Texture" id=2]
[node name="shape" type="Control"]
[node name="shape" type="Control" index="0"]
anchor_left = 0.0
anchor_top = 0.0
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
[ext_resource path="res://scene-tree/sign/signType.tscn" type="PackedScene" id=5]
[ext_resource path="res://resources/pictures/fonction/phrase.png" type="Texture" id=6]
[node name="sign" type="Control"]
[node name="sign" type="Control" index="0"]
anchor_left = 0.0
anchor_top = 0.0
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